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Weekly List: The Turkey Drop

Weekly List: The Turkey Drop


In a tale as old as time, high school sweethearts all over the country decide to brave the storm of a long distance relationship and stay together while they are at separate colleges. Many of these people— although not all of them— will currently be rebounding from this year’s annual “Turkey Drop,” a term coined…

Critical Voices: Taylor Swift, <i>reputation</i>

Critical Voices: Taylor Swift, reputation


Long gone is the sweet country girl who played acoustics about finding a place in this world while crying teardrops on her guitar. In her place is a confident woman ready to embrace herself and stand firmly against anyone who might cross her. Marking Taylor Swift’s musical shift towards a heavier pop sound— and a…

Critical Voices: Alvvays, <i>Antisocialites</i>

Critical Voices: Alvvays, Antisocialites


After spending most of her time on tour for the last few years, Molly Rankin, frontwoman of indie band Alvvays, decided to escape to Toronto Island. There, she found inspiration to begin writing the band’s new album, Antisocialites. On the surface, it is a simple pop album about heartbreak. However, this is just a stage—what…

<i>Black Mirror</i>‘s San Junipero: Technological Immortality

Black Mirror‘s San Junipero: Technological Immortality


If you could choose to live in a man-made paradise forever– would you? In “San Junipero,” the fourth episode of Black Mirror, the characters are part of a society that poses this question to the sick and dying, specifically to the lucky few who can afford this special treatment. They have the option of having…

Transgender Visibility & Pop Culture

Transgender Visibility & Pop Culture


“Despite the vitriol, despite the backlash, despite the discriminatory laws, we fight to be seen as we see ourselves and live our truth without compromise.” Janet Mock’s statement from the HBO documentary The Trans List, embodies the sentiment of today—Transgender Day of Visibility —a day to focus on the empowerment and recognition of marginalized transgender…

We Are Now Entering <i>The Twilight Zone</i>

We Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone


Good horror is hard to come by nowadays, either because the plots are unoriginal or the filming is focused on gruesome, bloody imagery. Shaking our heads in disappointment at the present state of horror, we must turn to the classics. Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone (1959-1964) is an iconic 20th century television series that features…

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