Brynne Long

Brynne loves all things history. Movies are cool, too. She graduated from the college in 2019.


Mary Poppins Returns Brings Heart and CGI to an Old Classic

Mary Poppins is back, and she is ready to enchant a new generation of children. After months of Disney-generated anticipation by new and old fans alike, the sequel to one... Read more


Folger Theater weaves a masterful web with King John

Shakespeare’s King John does not boast the popularity of A Midsummer’s Night Dream or Romeo and Juliet. It’s a play that few beyond circles of Shakespeare buffs have heard of,... Read more


Washington Magic brings the district a night of food, tricks, and inspiration

We could all use a little magic. That’s the idea behind the new show, Washington Magic, that is currently captivating sold-out audiences in the historic home of James Monroe. Led... Read more


Trust and convenience in Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer starts underwater, outside of a hulking steel submarine. Inside of it, a human crew is briefly introduced. The men controlling the monitors talk and joke back and forth,... Read more


From the Page to the Screen, The Sisters Brothers Challenges the Stereotypical West

For Patrick deWitt, author of the novel The Sisters Brothers, the American West is more than a place of cowboys and gunfights. His story is that of Eli and Charlie... Read more


Macbeth as a Musical: Folger Theater takes on Revisionist-era Shakespeare

The Folger Shakespeare Library is currently putting on a production of Macbeth, but not in the way that you may think. In this version, Macbeth is a musical, complete with... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Trailer Takes: The Other Side of the Wind, First Man, and Slice

The Other Side of the Wind —   Brynne:  The chaos of this trailer seems to reflect the erratic career of J.J. Hannaford (Jake Huston), a fictitious film director... Read more


The Meg is (Almost) the Perfect Bad Movie to End the Summer

The Meg is just about everything that you want it to be. It follows the destructive path of a giant, not-so-prehistoric shark who is surfacing for the first time in... Read more


Best in the Galaxy: Han Solo gets a Backstory in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Just five months after the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), fans of the franchise rejoice. Solo: A Star Wars Story is here, and it’s a blast(er). The... Read more


Rampage Blames Humans for Overgrown, Destructive Animals

Shockingly, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson plays an strapping, resourceful good guy in Rampage. This time, though, he’s a bit under the height requirement. In this unlikely, formulaic tale, three genetically-modified... Read more