Brynne Long

Brynne loves all things history. Movies are cool, too. She graduated from the college in 2019.

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Case for the Classics: M*A*S*H

Two army surgeons work day and night to save wounded young men turned soldiers during the Korean War. If this sounds like the plot of a war drama, you’ve likely... Read more


Hacksaw Ridge Looks for God in Hell

Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson, tells the story of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Private Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield). Doss, a conscientious objector to violence, heroically saves the lives... Read more

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Hamilton’s America Explores the Creation of a Cultural Phenomenon

Hamilton’s America set out to tell “the story behind the revolutionary musical,” and it does exactly that. The documentary provides history about Alexander Hamilton, shows the process of the creation of... Read more


A Buffalo and Bubbles: Relient K and Switchfoot at The Fillmore, 10/26

Before moving further down the east coast in their Looking for America tour,Christian rock bands Relient K and Switchfoot made their last Maryland stop at The Fillmore on Oct. 26... Read more

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Movies We Love: Moon

This summer’s mainstream box office was utterly disappointing. I can bring to mind only a few movies that were above average, and a handful that middled at okay. An overwhelming... Read more


Miracles from Heaven: Underwhelming but Uplifting

It’s bad enough to fall from a three-story tree, but it’s worse when you’re also sick with a debilitating disease. In fact, one may wager that surviving such an event... Read more