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Stripped: Season 3, Episode 2

Courtesy of Nike, Inc.

In this episode of Stripped, co-hosts Emma Francois and Isabel Lord are joined by Voices editor Lizz Pankova and Halftime Sports editor Santul Nerkar to discuss Nike’s newest partnership with football player Colin Kaepernick. Where do we draw the line between business and politics? And how does fashion fit in?

Image courtesy of Nike, Inc.

Emma Francois
is the highest-pitched voice on the fashion + sex podcast, Stripped.

Isabel Lord
Isabel graduated from the College and wishes she learned how to soulja boy and will fight you for dessert. She is the Voice's former multimedia editor, coproducer of the Fashion Issue, and has the deepest voice on the podcast Stripped.

Elizabeth Pankova
is a senior in the College studying sociology and the executive Opinion editor for the Voice. Send your best existentialist memes her way.

Santul Nerkar
Santul is the Voice's former executive culture editor and Halftime Sports editor. Follow him on Twitter @SantulN to become one of his rare few followers.


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