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Stripped: Ageless is the New Timeless

November 22, 2016

Huffington Post

In this week’s episode of Stripped, Emma Francois and Isabel Lord debate the merits of “age appropriate” dressing and whether it’s a social construct to be challenged or a myth to be broken. This lady duo discusses dress codes and their psychological impacts, from the sexualization of clothing to the emergence of self-confidence issues for many young girls. Special guest, Tyler Pearre, shares a male perspective.


Emma Francois
is the highest-pitched voice on the fashion + sex podcast, Stripped.

Isabel Lord
Isabel graduated from the College and wishes she learned how to soulja boy and will fight you for dessert. She is the Voice's former multimedia editor, coproducer of the Fashion Issue, and has the deepest voice on the podcast Stripped.

Tyler Pearre
Maryland native and D.C. sports fan. Forever romanticizing the days of Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas circa 2007.


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