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Fresh Voices: Behind the Scenes with Campus Poets

In this episode of Fresh Voices, the Voices team talks with spoken word poets Egan Barnitt, Timmy Sutton, and Summer Durant. The three guests discuss the inspiration behind their work and their experiences with slams on campus.

Watch and read their poems below.

Click here for: “How to explain yourself after you’ve used up all of the ways to say goodbye on other people, or, It’s not you! It’s me! in a pie chart” by Egan Barnitt

Click here for: “A Poem For Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Originator Of The Phrase ‘’Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost, Than Never To Have Loved At All,’ or Chipotle Guacamole” by Timmy Sutton

Click here for: “Fractions” by Summer Durant

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Sienna Brancato
is a senior in the College majoring in English and minoring in Government and Italian. She has done some things for the Voice, and will continue to do some things.

Julia Pinney
Host of Fresh Voices. Former Voices Editor. AMST major. Mediocre yet enthusiastic dancer. Will beat you at Scrabble. Ask me what I'm reading.

Elizabeth Pankova
is a senior in the College studying sociology and the executive Opinion editor for the Voice. Send your best existentialist memes her way.

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