Annette Hasnas

Annette is the opinion executive for the Voice and a former child.

Halftime Leisure

The definitive Arctic Monkeys guide in preparation for The Car

On Oct. 21, Arctic Monkeys are releasing The Car, their seventh studio album, making this fall the perfect time to get into the staple alternative rock band. Here’s everything you... Read more


On the brink of Roe reversal, we must strengthen pro-choice arguments

Those affected by the loss of Roe have no obligation or duty to convince their opponents that they should change their minds—just living with the new reality is enough—but for those who do choose to take up this mantle, it simply isn’t enough to rely on those same arguments you put to friends who already agree with you.


Synetic Theater’s The Servant of Two Masters brings movement and life to a centuries-old classic

A complicated play with several major plot points conveyed to the audience through characters’ verbal recounting of events, it hardly seems the perfect candidate for an adaptation without any words.


Inside the mind of the art world’s most enigmatic rat

When I meet him for the first time, he is standing in the corner of Henle courtyard, chewing on chocolate left on a discarded candy wrapper.


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Beijing 2022 proves artistry still matters in figure skating

On the morning of February 4, the audience in Beijing’s Capital Indoor Stadium, though limited by COVID-19 capacity restrictions, was rapt. It was the first day of figure skating competition... Read more


To the casting directors of Euphoria and other teen shows—grow up

The trend of casting adults to play teens is more than merely annoying—it has the potential for significant harm.


The anti-women meaning of “women’s lit”

by framing everything they have to say as “women’s,” the label of “women’s fiction” effectively bars female writers from participation in broader, ungendered discussion through their work.

Digital Issue

Why my OCD diagnosis meant so much

At this point, it was pretty clear that there really was something different about the way my brain worked. Or at least, there had better be.


Carrying On: One Foot in the Promised Land

"There will probably never be a day when I wake up, look in the mirror, and see the face of a Jew or a non-Jew. The face will always be just a little bit of both, somewhere in between."