Lou Jacquin

Lou Jacquin joined the Voice in order to complain professionally. Now, as Voices Editor, she thrives to help others do the same! When not writing, Lou is designing for the Voice or crying about code.


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is fun for normal people, too!

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves is a hilarious fantasy heist movie that satisfies both lifelong D&D fans and those who know nothing about the game.


A definitive list of correct opinions

As the senior most opinionated people of the Georgetown Voice, we decree that the following opinions are correct and final. We will not be elaborating. No arguments.


How embracing sexual fluidity can liberate queer sexuality

I contend that being open to the idea that our sexuality can and may change can reduce queer (and perhaps even straight) people’s anxiety surrounding their sexual identity and encourage them to live their most authentic selves without fear of alienation.


It’s time we reconstruct our view of protests

“Constructive” protests are generally nonviolent and informative to the other side, with the hope that people who previously disagreed with you will come to see your cause and make concessions. If a protest doesn’t meet these goals and expectations, however, it is often written off altogether, deemed instead “unconstructive,” “unhelpful to the cause,” or in the extremes even labeled as “riots.”


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STEM Fatale: The pitfalls of the “Women in STEM” label

I’m a “Woman in STEM”—I used to love saying that. It felt important to have a title that recognized my love for science, as well as the challenges associated with... Read more


It’s time we embrACE asexuality in our education system

While the same lack of resources that I’ve faced in researching my own sexuality will make it hard to create a full curriculum for asexuality, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. This curriculum must explore the fact that asexuality is a spectrum with no set level of sexual attraction experienced by every ace person.