Lou Jacquin

Lou Jacquin is tired. After being a Voices Assistant, Voices Editor, Opinion Executive, designer, Editorial Board member, the inaugural archivist, and writing at least on piece for every section, Lou is ready for a nap.


Red Square construction causes farmers market to downsize

Since Feb. 26, a section of Red Square has been blocked for construction, temporarily downsizing the Georgetown Farmers Market, which returned from its winter hiatus on March 20. The market,... Read more


“Earned, Never Given”: Women’s basketball begins their rebuild

The Georgetown women’s basketball program finds itself in a state of a flux after an inconsistent 2022-23 campaign. Last season was punctuated by some incredible highs and painful lows for... Read more


What asexual students want you to know this Asexual Awareness Week

Campus brims with queer joy during October or, as the LGBTQ Resource Center has called it for at least the past decade: OUTober. As part of National Coming Out Day... Read more

Halftime Sports

Dachshunds dash down the Wharf in the 11th annual Wiener 500

When one thinks of racing dogs, Dachshunds are not the first breed that comes to mind. While they can be quite spunky and energetic, their short legs are not effective... Read more

Halftime Leisure

What One Piece can teach us about queer identities

Although unintentional, One Piece can teach us lessons on the complexity of trans identity and the position of queer identities in society.


“Objectivity” in journalism needs a rewrite

A news journalist’s job is often portrayed as reporting on the world in an objective manner. Objectivity aims to put emotions and personal beliefs aside and state the cold hard facts. This is often interpreted as showing both sides of a story, with the intended purpose of presenting readers with all the facts to draw their own conclusions. However, this emphasis on objectivity in journalism is problematic as it doesn’t require context, asks for two sides to be presented equally, and has been used to silence marginalized groups.


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is fun for normal people, too!

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves is a hilarious fantasy heist movie that satisfies both lifelong D&D fans and those who know nothing about the game.


A definitive list of correct opinions

As the senior most opinionated people of the Georgetown Voice, we decree that the following opinions are correct and final. We will not be elaborating. No arguments.


How embracing sexual fluidity can liberate queer sexuality

I contend that being open to the idea that our sexuality can and may change can reduce queer (and perhaps even straight) people’s anxiety surrounding their sexual identity and encourage them to live their most authentic selves without fear of alienation.


It’s time we reconstruct our view of protests

“Constructive” protests are generally nonviolent and informative to the other side, with the hope that people who previously disagreed with you will come to see your cause and make concessions. If a protest doesn’t meet these goals and expectations, however, it is often written off altogether, deemed instead “unconstructive,” “unhelpful to the cause,” or in the extremes even labeled as “riots.”