Lou Jacquin

Lou Jacquin has three hobbies: complaining, drawing, and hoarding. As Opinion Executive and a staff designer, Lou was able to satisfy most of these hobbies. However, when her need for hoarding was not fulfilled, she became the inaugural Voice Archivist. She has now self-actualized.


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STEM Fatale: The pitfalls of the “Women in STEM” label

I’m a “Woman in STEM”—I used to love saying that. It felt important to have a title that recognized my love for science, as well as the challenges associated with... Read more


It’s time we embrACE asexuality in our education system

While the same lack of resources that I’ve faced in researching my own sexuality will make it hard to create a full curriculum for asexuality, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. This curriculum must explore the fact that asexuality is a spectrum with no set level of sexual attraction experienced by every ace person.