James Garrow

James was an assistant Voices editor and a junior studying Government. He couldn't think of anything interesting to put here.


For ESG investing to succeed, it needs to die

While ESG is often hailed as a transformational movement, shifting investors’ focus from pure profit to the greater good, today’s ESG movement is an irredeemably flawed way of doing so.


President DeGioia, tear down these tents!

The tents’ existence makes progressively less sense, an impressive feat since they’ve always been unnecessary.


Ask Voices

Readers’ questions answered by your favorite opinion editors.


Why online liberty must be preserved

Despite the toxicity of social media, a free internet is now indispensable to free discourse—and by extension, a free society.


Hoyas blow lead, fall to Lafayette

Despite running out to a 17 point lead in the first quarter, the Hoyas ultimately fell to Lafayette after a blocked field goal in the waning moments of the game.


Why Democrats could lose the filibuster battle

Democrats face a tough dilemma on Capitol Hill. Though they control Congress and the presidency, the Senate’s filibuster rules limit their ability to pass a progressive agenda. While Democrats have undertaken an extensive campaign against these rules, this campaign itself is unlikely to kill the filibuster. But by simply calling for the filibuster’s end, Democrats have already doomed it.


Stop blaming political institutions for our problems. Politicians are responsible.

It's fashionable, right now, to blame political institutions for all the problems we see in our democracy. Resisting that impulse is important.