Sarina Dev

Sarina Dev is the Voices Editor and is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is currently studying Neurobiology and Science, Technology, and International Affairs. She is a New Girl and New Yorker enthusiast.


Skip your red meat burger. Save the Earth.

Ideally, we'd systematically eliminate red meat entirely. Environment health depends on it. But this isn't an ideal world—so let's do the next best thing.


Learning what it means to be alone

"It was naïve of me to assume that I could avoid being alone on campus forever, and now, preparing for completely virtual classes, I’ve had to reflect on how I will deal with loneliness this semester."

On The Pandemic

On the Pandemic: Instagram Activism Ignores Gendered Impacts of COVID-19

"The disparity between the facile attempts at female empowerment on Instagram and the ways women’s rights are under threat demonstrates how misdirected good intentions can actually be more harmful than empowering."


Ask That “Dumb” Question

The intellectual curiosity and intrinsic motivation that drives this student population is widely suppressed by a competitive academic environment that adamantly demands perfection.