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Chipotle Guacamole

March 23, 2018


Timmy Sutton is a sophomore in the College. He is one of three spoken word poets highlighted in this week’s arts-themed digital issue. He performs this poem in a video above, and discusses it in this week’s “Fresh Voices” podcast.


I have been in love before

I have been broken before

I have built sand castles just to watch the tide roll in

I have written poems in river water and butterfly wings just to watch them open ocean hurricane away from me

I have kissed a girl too long trying to make a moment last that deserved rest

I have missed the forest fire for the trees

I have been in love

I have been broken

And I am ok.


Which isn’t so much to say

“’Tis better to have loved”

As it is to say

“’Tis probably should’ve just like-liked and gotten out of there and like-liked a couple more people instead but I guess I’ll live”

Which isn’t to say that love is bad

Just that it’s not always the best option

Just that sometimes love

Is the guac when you didn’t really have the money to get chipotle in the first place

And you really want it

And you think that this guac would make your life




But your maturity and affection and mental stability bank accounts

Are running really low

And sometimes we get the guac even when we can’t afford it and

Even though it tastes delicious, the next check bounces

Sometimes, we get the guac before we even know that our accounts are a thing

And boom

Your credit’s destroyed

And you didn’t even realize you were making payments in the first place

Or you’re staring at the cherry blossom

Drifting itself into the Potomac

Wishing you were a cherry blossom

Or at least not the thing you are right now


Which is not to disparage the guac!

Because the guac is and always will be delicious

It’s just that you don’t always need it

Sometimes, you just need the burrito (both kinds of rice, both kinds of beans, steak, the spicy salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, to go, please, thanks)

Sometimes, you just need someone to hold your hand and remind you you’re beautiful and worth someone thinking you’re worth something

Sometimes that’s the better option.


And I know

That the phrase in question is not about Alfred’s high school girlfriend

It’s about his best friend


My high school girlfriend was my best friend

And I ordered the guac before I even got past the salsa

And I don’t regret it

Because how can you regret something that tastes so good

But I do sometimes wish I had saved what I spent

Saved it for something with a little more permanence


Cause truth be told

I don’t even really like Chipotle that much in the first place

And I could’ve put that money towards anything

That guac could’ve been a trip back to Texas

That guac could’ve been a down payment on a house I haven’t even seen yet

I could’ve avoided a year of

Bounced checks and bridge edges

That guac could’ve been something permanent


But it wasn’t

Instead it was simply lovely

Simply delicious for a moment

And that is ok.

And I am ok.

I am ok.

Video credits: Danielle Hewitt (Executive Producer), Kayla Hewitt (video)

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