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11 Songs To Be Led On A Journey Of Excitement and Adventure With

It’s 4:15 in the afternoon, and you’re waking up in a tractor-trailer in Oklahoma. Sun and sweat and cicada chirps—there’s nothing but horizon for miles. You’ve got what you desperately... Read more


Halftime’s Favorite Holiday Albums

Timmy: Like a Gift From God or Whatever (2014) by Chris Farren Chris Farren’s Like a Gift From God or Whatever is unlike any other collection of Christmas songs you’ve... Read more


The Weekly List: Seven Songs We Think Greg Heffley Might Like

  Content Warning: This article discusses drug addiction and contains graphic descriptions.   I’ve been thinking a lot about endings: a side effect of the fall, of graduation, of being... Read more

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The Weekly List: Seven Unrelated Songs to Throw Together to Meet a Deadline

So there you are. You and your boys, kickin’ back and enjoying a coupla’ sacks of Capri Sun on a crisp Autumn’s eve. And then it hits you like a... Read more


Critical Voices: Jesus is King, Kanye West

I am a Christian. Growing up, my brothers and I were only allowed to listen to Christian music, excluding the occasional Whitney Houston song my dad would smuggle onto a... Read more

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In Defense of TikTok

I am home for the summer for the first time since high school and it is weird. My family moved from Arizona to Illinois three weeks before I started at... Read more

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Billie Eilish and Teenhood

Olivia Gatwood’s “When I Say That We Are All Teen Girls” is one of my most favorite poems of all time. If you do not know me, you might not... Read more


Concert Preview: Earl Sweatshirt, March. 26, The Fillmore

Thebe Kgositsile, who goes by the stage name Earl Sweatshirt, is 25-years old and one of the most talented lyricists in rap. Getting his early public start in the rap... Read more

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Some Rap Songs – Hope Amidst Grief

I listened to Earl Sweatshirt’s Doris (2013) for the first time during my junior year of high school. I had just moved from the coast of South Texas to Arizona.... Read more


Mitski and the Lonely

I am standing in some random Henle apartment I’ve never been to before at 11:47 PM on a Saturday. It is cramped and sweaty but covered in attempts to make... Read more