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Critical Voices: <i>Norman Fucking Rockwell!</i>, Lana Del Rey

Critical Voices: Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey


Introspective and immersed in nostalgia, Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell! (2019) does not reflect a specific era—it captures a feeling. Infused with images and memories of California, the album exemplifies Lana’s ability to transcend genre and allows listeners to glimpse a more tender, vulnerable side of her character.    Lana Del Rey’s…

Trailer Takes: <i>Cats</i>

Trailer Takes: Cats

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Cats: Katie: Hi, God. It’s me, Katie. I have a few questions, but I guess my first one is what in the fresh hell is this? Some of the cats are wearing clothes in addition to their fur—does this mean that the ones who have opted not to are scurrying around in the nude?…

Disneynature’s <i>Penguins</i> Melts Hearts and Expectations

Disneynature’s Penguins Melts Hearts and Expectations


Unforgiving ice and snow bombard the Antarctic tundra. After this storm, the plain is desolate—lifeless. Suddenly, a beak breaks through the blanket of snow. Against all odds, Adeline the penguin has survived, with an egg in tact underneath her. This is not just a showing of survival, it is a display of resilience. Disneynature’s Penguins…

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