Max Zhang

Max Zhang is the Voices Editor and a sophomore in the SFS majoring in Business and Global Affairs. He cares a lot about your wellbeing—be good to yourself today. And reach out if you have a story to tell! His inbox is always open.

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Halftime’s Non-Fiction Recommendations

Katie: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach A specialist in both comedic and scientific writing, Mary Roach truly knows how to write non-fiction in a way... Read more


How to grow your own digital best friend

How my best friend and I got so close despite just having the internet—and how you can grow yourself a digital best friend, too.

Halftime Leisure

The Weekly List: Ten soft songs, depicting the passage of daylight

In a time of upheaval and uncertainty, little feels constant. One thing you can count on, though, is the passage of light through day. This week, the Weekly List is an ambient/folk playlist tracking light from dawn to dusk—it’s a smooth, ethereal listen to center the self during a time where any kind of grounding feels like a fantasy.


Georgetown administrators elaborate on Fall 2020 reopening plans in town hall

GUSA hosted a town hall with Georgetown administrators to discuss student concerns about the fall reopening plan on July 16.  Key information revealed during the town hall included a July... Read more


If You Like It, Consider Not Putting a Ring On It

Two Voice writers trade takes. This week’s topic: marriage. Paul: Marriage is an institution of fear, not of love. Since its inception, the institution of marriage has been deeply interwoven... Read more


Say It With Me: Ugliness is Power

I don’t wear orange. Peach—perhaps; coral—risky; sienna—within consideration, but pure orange? The color of carrots and pumpkins, ubiquitous in autumnal decoration and street signage? Absolutely not. To be clear, no... Read more


Critical Voices: III, The Lumineers

Meditative at times and raw at others, the Lumineers’ minimalistically-titled third studio album III is perhaps the band’s most cohesive narrative in record form. Told in three chapters, III painstakingly... Read more