Max Zhang

Max Zhang is the Executive Editor for Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion, a member of the Editorial Board, an assistant designer, and a junior studying Business and Global Affairs with minors in English and Philosophy. He enjoys physical letters, feels self-conscious about listening to fka twigs at night because of the Spotify Friend Activity surveillance state, and wants the very best for you.


Say It With Me: Ugliness is Power

I don’t wear orange. Peach—perhaps; coral—risky; sienna—within consideration, but pure orange? The color of carrots and pumpkins, ubiquitous in autumnal decoration and street signage? Absolutely not. To be clear, no... Read more


Critical Voices: III, The Lumineers

Meditative at times and raw at others, the Lumineers’ minimalistically-titled third studio album III is perhaps the band’s most cohesive narrative in record form. Told in three chapters, III painstakingly... Read more