Natalie Chaudhuri

Natalie Chaudhuri is a washed-up Voices assistant and junior in the School of Foreign Service. Feel free to tell her how much you love her articles via text, email, or carrier pigeon.


The Case for Phone-Banking

Phone-banking is fundamentally about channeling your emotions into productive change.


The kids are dying: What HIV/AIDS activism and gun violence prevention say about America

The parallels between March for Our Lives and ACT UP make it clear: When tragedy strikes, it’s okay to demand that our government do better.

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Halftime’s Non-Fiction Recommendations

Katie: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach A specialist in both comedic and scientific writing, Mary Roach truly knows how to write non-fiction in a way... Read more

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Best books from a quarantined summer

During a summer that was not quite as we expected it to be, many Voice staffers rediscovered their love of literature, while others—well-established book nerds—appreciated the extra time to read.... Read more


Carrying On: Becoming friends at a distance

Amanda Chu and Natalie Chaudhuri tell the fabled story of their friendship—from proseminar classmates to Voices editors to quarantine best friends.

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Click here to launch zoom-ba

Our Wise Guide Stephen Colbert once said, “I never stretch before I run…because I never run.” Though I started out this quarantine trying not to emulate this quote, I soon... Read more


Threading: How my eyebrows have been a window to my soul

No matter the answer, my previous “cure” for my hair was one of many small things I took for granted, and one of the many small habits that I, like many others, didn’t realize I valued until they were gone.

On The Pandemic

On The Pandemic: Domestic violence and the danger at home

Stay home. For most of us, it’s the one thing we can do to save lives from the reach of COVID-19—to do our part for society when so many others are risking their lives by going to work for us. For some, however, staying home is more dangerous than contracting the disease. Due to this pandemic, as well as the financial strain many families are facing, domestic violence cases have spiked nationally. This is how we can begin to help.

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Which The Vampire Diaries character is your soulmate?

Being a vampire sounds pretty good right now. Although scientists haven’t figured that one out yet, this quiz provides the next best thing: the identity of your The Vampire Diaries... Read more


Never Have I Ever… loved a high school show so much

Never Have I Ever was always my least favorite game. I never wanted to participate in an activity that only emphasized how much I hadn’t done, how different my identity... Read more