Natalie Chaudhuri

Natalie Chaudhuri is a washed-up Voices assistant and junior in the School of Foreign Service. Feel free to tell her how much you love her articles via text, email, or carrier pigeon.

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15 steps to getting over horror movie anxiety

Pro tip: don’t write a paper about a horror movie that you knew was going to give you nightmares. During the first week of May, almost fifty days into quarantine... Read more

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Why should you get a Tik Tok? Because I “say so”

Do you know how to do a Tik Tok Dance? Until the shift to virtual classes, I didn’t, either. But after making a Spotify playlist for songs in Tik Tok... Read more


Carrying On: One Mass Shooting Is Too Many

with contributions by Caroline Wilkerson, a former student at Pepperdine University   Caroline: No one can warn you about what a mass shooting feels like. Nothing can prepare you for... Read more

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I Might Be Obsessed with You

“Well, hello there.” “Who are you? Based on your vibe,” a romance. Your title is brief but insistent. You. Your preview picture is a girl on top of a guy.... Read more


Carrying On: She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, She’s Worried about Race

“Pick the person in the room you find the most attractive.” Club initiations can range from truly terrifying to truly weird. After interview questions about my qualifications for joining the... Read more


The Fault in Our Novels

When I was in fifth grade, I had seven boyfriends. All of them were tall, dark, handsome, and entirely fictional. I’ve had a complicated love affair with Young Adult (YA)... Read more


You’re a Hoya, Natalie!

From the moment I entered the magical world of NSO, I knew this wasn’t going to be Hogwarts, no matter what Healy Hall’s appearance suggested. Moving across the country and... Read more