Olivia Martin

Olivia is the leisure editor and a sophomore in the College studying psychology and English. She always watches classic DCOM Lemonade Mouth when she is sick.

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Tributes to Naya Rivera

Three Voice writers pen tributes to Naya Rivera, a woman that paved so many paths for so many young people.


Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Blindness dazzles in darkness—and solitude

Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Sidney Harman Hall has opened the house once again. Well, not “house,” exactly. The theater’s in-person debuting return, an actorless show, begins the moment the audience files... Read more

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The Weekly List: Feel free to sue me if every single one of these five The Wilds season two theories is wrong

Spoiler warning: nothing I have listed is confirmed for season two, but all the theories detail major plot points from and information that is uncovered throughout the first season. The... Read more

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The Mandalorian gave beloved character “Baby Yoda” a real name, and it’s really not what anyone wanted

Disclaimer: spoilers for all of The Mandalorian’s second season If you’re anything like the rest of The Mandalorian’s fans, you were probably sticking around for the cute creature the titular... Read more


The Welcome to the Blumhouse campaign serves as little more than a collection of entertaining and diverse but unremarkable horror films

If you like tacky horror movies, Amazon Prime is the site to stream this Halloween. Its set of films from the horror collection Welcome to the Blumhouse (2020) went live... Read more

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Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor is a dazzling horror love story that captivates hearts (and nightmares)

Mild Spoiler Warning: I vaguely discuss some details that give away parts of what happens toward the end of this show. It’s nothing in depth and nothing too explicitly obvious,... Read more

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The Weekly List: A spooky soundtrack to accompany your mandated annual AHS: Coven rewatch

Halloween is my favorite holiday—and I am a “every day should be like Halloween” kind of person. But, for most people, the beginning of October marks the beginning of the... Read more


The Amen Corner Brings Baldwin to Life at Sidney Harman Hall

“The greatest poet in the English language found his poetry where poetry is found: in the lives of the people.” This sentence appears in a 1964 James Baldwin essay titled... Read more


Histories Collide in Mother Road at Arena Stage

Stretching backstage and out of sight, the road—Mother Road—appears to last forever. It is the context for every event to unfold for the next two and a half hours, and... Read more


Improvfest 2020: Two Nights of Comedic Talent on Show

Each year, the Georgetown Improv Association (GIA) hosts Improvfest, a showcase of sorts that brings collegiate improv teams from all around the DMV and country to Bulldog Alley. The event... Read more