Claire Goldberg

is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.


Students gather for Solidarity Vigil in Red Square

More than one hundred students gathered in Red Square on Feb. 1 for the Hoyas for Justice: Solidarity Vigil, an event to show support for those affected by the recent... Read more

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O.J.: Made in America for Best Documentary

A striking documentary series that is simultaneously terrifying and thought-provoking, O.J.: Made in America is the conceptual masterpiece that deserves to take home the Oscar for Best Documentary. Weaving pertinent... Read more

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Gone with the Wind, Legally Blonde, and the Feminine Independent Woman

The first time I watched Gone with the Wind, I fell asleep five minutes in. When I woke up, I didn’t know where I was or what was happening but... Read more

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Why Gilmore Girls is the Worst (But You Should Binge Watch It Anyway)

This one’s for the Ivy rejects. For the girls who can’t get boys to commit to relationships. This is for everyone who hates when writers think purposefully-annoying characters are funny.... Read more


GLOW Exhibit Flickers: The exhibit lights up the neighborhood, but falters as a whole

In its third year, the Georgetown GLOW art instillation adds a bright touch to the area, but it is more trendy than it is artistic. It follows in the footsteps... Read more

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Why A Seat at the Table Should Have Been the Best of 2016

A Seat at the Table feels like how I think dropping acid and going to a museum would feel like. Of course I’ve never done that before, but one time... Read more


Wearing Your Wallet: The Style and Cost of Georgetown Fashion

The idea of college fashion as casual and cheap is practically universal in this country. However, most students on this campus would agree that Georgetown is different. Here, style and... Read more

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The Weekly List: Cover Me

While original songs are wonderful, it is always fascinating to hear another beloved band or artist hone the tunes of earlier legends. Whether they take the song and change the... Read more