Claire Goldberg

is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.


Short But Sweet: Art of Legacy Pop-Up Gallery

The old movie theater on Wisconsin and O street sits right in the middle of Georgetown, its recognizable neon sign lighting up the sidewalk below. The space, opened in 1913 as... Read more


Concert Preview: Rostam, May 2, 9:30 Club

D.C. native Rostam Batmanglij will be returning to his hometown on May 2 for a concert at the 9:30 Club. The former Vampire Weekend band member has been slowly releasing... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Weekly List: This Might Sound Weird, But…

Here’s a collection of songs whose lyrics sound, well, weird. But a kooky title doesn’t necessarily lead to a strange song (not that that’s a bad thing, though). The lyrics... Read more


Smurfs: The Lost Village Lacks Plot Development and Ingenuity

The Wikipedia description of the premise for Smurfs: The Lost Village is only two sentences long, and for good reason. The newest movie of the Smurfs franchise is the least... Read more


Developing An Argument is an Ambitious, Disjointed Realization

Christian Benefiel makes art that’s not meant to last. Not only does he use the natural supportive structure of his sculptures to keep them together, foregoing glue, nails, or any... Read more

Halftime Sports

Female Golfers Should Wear What They Want

I started off playing volleyball in the fifth grade. It was a lot of fun at first, and by the time I hit eighth grade, I was captain of my... Read more

Halftime Leisure

A Case for the Classics: The Princess Bride

This movie has everything: baseball, true love, and Billy Crystal. It has what is arguably the best line in cinematic history: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Sun is Shining, The Birds Are Chirping: Vampire Weekend Announces New Music

Ezra Koenig just announced information about Vampire Weekend’s new album, and I am currently having a heart attack, just in case you were wondering. There has been little noise from... Read more


Concert Review: Tennis, 9:30 Club, March 19

Wearing a sequined shirt that looked like it belonged to Donna Summer, Tennis guitarist Patrick Riley walked on stage ready to perform. The duo’s second half and lead singer, Alaina... Read more


Concert Preview: Tennis, March 19, 9:30 Club

Whimsical, beachy, and retro, Tennis encapsulates a sound like no other. The duo consisting of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, married and hailing from Denver, CO, released their first album,... Read more