Claire Goldberg

is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.


Concert Preview: Cuco, Jan. 23, U Street Music Hall

It may be clichéd to say an artist is “up-and-coming,” but there’s no better way to describe Cuco, the 18-year-old singer fresh out of Los Angeles. His music is filled... Read more


Concert Preview: Tennis, Jan. 24, 9:30 Club

Last year’s Tennis concert at the 9:30 Club was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The duo of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley is impossibly magical live, and their... Read more


Weekly List: Festive

People look forward to the new year for many reasons: resolutions, a fresh start, the Rose Parade. But my excitement stems from one thing and one thing only: music festival... Read more


Wearing Black Isn’t Enough

As the horrible year that was 2017 wrapped up, with scores of men in Hollywood being accused of sexual assault and harassment, major actresses, including Meryl Streep and Emma Stone,... Read more


The Magic of Mrs. Maisel

In a previous piece about Gilmore Girls, I trashed the show because that’s what it is: garbage. It perpetuates a ton of stereotypes about women and about relationships, and I... Read more


Concert Preview: St. Vincent, Nov. 27, The Anthem

Annie Clark is a certified badass. Better known by the stage name St. Vincent, the eclectic alt-rock femme fatale’s music goes from moody to futuristic to head-banging classic all within... Read more


Weekly List: Daily Routine

Let me give you all a glimpse into my daily routine. The song titles say it all, except I had trouble finding anything called “Suffer Through Your Department Seminar.” We... Read more


Miles Teller on Honoring Veterans and Portraying PTSD in Thank You For Your Service

In Miles Teller’s new biopic, Thank You For Your Service, Teller portrays real-life serviceman Adam Schumann as he comes home from the Iraq War only to face more hardships at... Read more


All that Glitters is Not Gold: Georgetown cheer team members speak out

One Friday night in October every year, Georgetown students fill McDonough Gymnasium to celebrate the beginning of the basketball season. They wait in line to see the players, the musical... Read more


Will a Second Season Ruin Stranger Things?

The first season of Stranger Things came out of TV left-field. It was terrifying and heartwarming. It was engrossing to the point that you couldn’t help but binge-watch, but felt... Read more