Weekly List: Daily Routine

November 20, 2017

Let me give you all a glimpse into my daily routine. The song titles say it all, except I had trouble finding anything called “Suffer Through Your Department Seminar.” We all have our routines, and whether or not they involve an existential crisis hour (I make sure to put it in my gcal for safekeeping), they’re inherently important and keep us grounded so that we don’t spin out of control and go absolutely insane.

  1. “Wake Up” — Arcade Fire

This song is a bit of a rude awakening. There is a fair amount of melodic yelling at the beginning, and the underlying guitar line paired with straight cymbal crashes doesn’t exactly allow a person time to adjust to the day. This song exemplifies classic Arcade Fire in its melodrama and indie rock angst. You might as well start the day with some passion.

  1. “Making Breakfast” — Twin Peaks

Here’s another song that utilizes melodic screaming. I guess that says something about how I like to start my mornings. And also that I love to scream.

  1. “Coffee” — Sylvan Esso

Arguably the most important step in my daily routine is making (or obtaining) coffee. Thanks to Sylvan Esso, the process can be done with some musical inspiration!! In this song by the alt/electric/indie/dance duo (I have trouble distinguishing genres), the beat definitely does more for me than the strange lyrics, in which coffee is only a side note.

  1. “Existential Crisis Hour!” — Kilo Kish

Alright, let me talk about how lucky this world is to be blessed with the music of Kilo Kish. Her last album, Reflections in Real Time, is a national treasure. It is filled with cute quips of songs like this one, which is both catchy and comedic. Her style seems to stem from a Broadway musical, and The New Yorker has deemed her a “wispy half-rapper.” I honestly don’t know what genre she fits into, I just know that it’s happy and lively and new.

  1. “Naps” — Joey Pecoraro

This is the perfect song to, you guessed it, nap to. It is filled with strange noises, including a coo-coo clock, yawning, and tooth brushing. As a slower electro-pop song devoid of lyrics but filled with harp and strings, it allows for uninterrupted sleep and pushes positive vibes.

  1. “Snack Attack” — A Great Big Pile of Leaves

We all get to that point in the day where we need snacks. This induces a chain reaction of snacking. Therefore: snack attack. The song itself is amazing, holding a nostalgic tone within its fun indie rock facade.

  1. “Party” — Beyoncé feat. Andre 3000

Bitch if you thought I wasn’t going to put some Beyoncé on this playlist you were WRONG. While I may not actually party as a part of my daily routine, I’d like to think I do. This song is my inspiration to get out more!! Also ugh it’s just so good. The soft brass in the background and the harmonization make for a jazzy pop hit. And I’m here for it 24/7, so I guess that’s where it fits into my day.

  1. “Soon As I Get Home Tonight” — Blah Blah Blah

Here I start my transition from the (theoretical) party to getting my ass in bed. In a style similar to the bouncy melancholy found in most Voxtrot songs, Blah Blah Blah gives a retro glance at modern alternative.

  1. “Golden Slumbers” — The Beatles

At this point in the playlist/my day, I’m really tryna go to sleep. So here is one of my favorite Beatles songs to help me do it. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone why “Golden Slumbers” and the rest of the Abbey Road medley is one of the greatest 16 minutes of music to exist, but it just is.

  1. “Dreaming” — Blondie

I’m a person who has a lot of dreams, and remembers a lot of them as well. In Blondie’s song, she tells her lover of her dreams, and sweetly conveys that, “dreaming is free.” As I close out my daily routine, I freely dream, and hope it will be as lovely as those of Debbie Harry.


Claire Goldberg
is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.

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