Weekly List: Festive

January 16, 2018

People look forward to the new year for many reasons: resolutions, a fresh start, the Rose Parade. But my excitement stems from one thing and one thing only: music festival lineups. You may respond to this with, “But Claire, you’ve never actually been to a music festival.” And to that I say, “Let me dream!!!”

Since the start of the new year, lineups for Coachella (Southern California), Governors Ball (New York), Bonnaroo (Tennessee), and Boston Calling (Massachusetts) have been announced, among others. If I do say so myself, this year’s collection of lineups is one of the best in years, complete with the Beyoncé, SZA, St. Vincent, Vince Staples, HAIM, Migos, Cardi B, and so many more amazing acts. It’s basically the Voice’s Best Albums of 2017 list in the flesh. So here’s a list of the best of the coming lineups, despite the fact that Eminem seems to be headlining everything, even though he and his music are trash.

1. BØRNS: I got to see BØRNS at a concert on the Santa Monica Pier in 2016, and it was one of the most magical performances I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. His lofty and upper-register vocals are impossibly beautiful and he did a cover of The Smiths’ “Shoplifters of the World Unite,” which was all I could’ve ever asked for.

2. St. Vincent: Her Fear The Future tour, currently in full-swing, is pure artistry. She created videos for all of the songs on her newest album, Masseduction, which play in the background as she shreds on guitar and stands like a statue or a robot that’s too perfect for real life. To top this all off, her voice is as good live as it is off her recordings, which is a big plus when so many artists fail to live up to their studio-recorded vocals.

3. HAIM: If you need a reason to fall in love with HAIM, look no further than their Hanukkah song. If you’re not fully obsessed after that then please leave our website. Otherwise, they are incredibly fun, inventive, and their music is the perfect mix of pop and alt.

4. SZA: I don’t even wanna talk about this one. She deserves more than my words.

5. Alvvays: For your indie rock (half) girl gang needs, Alvvays is the perfect fit. Songs like “Archie, Marry Me,” and “Adult Diversion” have almost folksy indie rock vibes, but still allow for the appropriate amount of head banging. Their latest album, Antisocialites, is softer and lighter than their previous work, but still musically brilliant and is sure to provide for amazing live sets.

6. The Buttertones: This retro indie rock band based in Los Angeles has a certain mood to them that is simultaneously depressive and smile-inducing. They’re an ideal addition to this year’s lineup for their out-of-the-box stylings and laid-back sound.

7. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: They opened for a Tennis concert I went to on my birthday last year and getting to hear this pop rock Aussie band for the first time live was the best gift I could’ve ever received. To top it off all the band members are very cute!!

8. Cuco: This talented young artist (he is younger than me) from Los Angeles showed up on my Discovery Weekly a little over a year ago and I was blown away with his passionate and seemingly expert music. The fact that he has gone from a practically unknown teenage soundcloud artist to an act at major festivals makes me proud and impressed beyond belief.


Claire Goldberg
is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.

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