Lily Kissinger

Life and Grief Inside <i>An Acorn</i>

Life and Grief Inside An Acorn


“Optimism is an ugly word. It asks nothing of us.” “Pessimism is an ugly word. It asks nothing of us.” “I choose no words.” Two people stand on opposite sides of the orange-lit stage, yelling at each other, each wearing ragged, almost ill-fitting clothes. They look exhausted, angry, and conflicted, both with each other and…

The Weekly List: Songs for a MyAccess Crash

The Weekly List: Songs for a MyAccess Crash


Imagine this—it’s 11 o’clock on a Friday, and freshmen across Georgetown are rushing to register for classes. They’re in one of the very last spots for registration and are therefore understandably frazzled. They log in to MyAccess, only to be greeted with an orange error page. They refresh the page, assuming that it must be…

Trailer Takes: <i>The King</i>, <i>Let It Snow</i>, and <i>Bloodshot</i>

Trailer Takes: The King, Let It Snow, and Bloodshot

By: , and

The King: Lily: As much as I love reinterpretations of Shakespearean works, I’m not too sure about this. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Shakespeare’s plays is their focus on the relationships between the characters and how universal they are, and I didn’t get the sense that this would really be accomplished in…

The Weekly List: Halloween Hype Music

The Weekly List: Halloween Hype Music


There’s something in the air. The leaves are turning different colors, the temperature’s slowly dropping, and everyone’s wearing sweaters. This can only mean one thing: Halloween is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to get hyped. Please enjoy these jams as you drink your apple cider, carve some pumpkins, and get spoopy.  1….

Critical Voices: <i>Ode to Joy</i>, Wilco

Critical Voices: Ode to Joy, Wilco


With Wilco’s new album Ode to Joy, the alt-rock band explores the relationship between love and pain with hazy vocals, wandering lyrics, and eclectic instrumentals. Although never explicitly political, Ode to Joy is deeply tied with the current cultural moment with lines like, “For all the people that I am not / And all their…

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