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The Weekly List: Cover Me

September 13, 2016

While original songs are wonderful, it is always fascinating to hear another beloved band or artist hone the tunes of earlier legends. Whether they take the song and change the genre from pop to alternative or keep the original melody, everyone loves a great cover.

  1. I’m Going Down – Bruce Springsteen / Vampire Weekend

This song is one of the most simple, easy-to-listen-to pieces of music I know. And even though Ezra Koenig could cover anything and I’d call it a masterpiece (sorry, I’m #justlikeothergirls), there’s a smooth familiarity with this one that makes it extra special.

  1. Treasure – Bruno Mars / Two Door Cinema Club

It’s! So! Funky! I love this song’s 70s disco feel, and while I’m not a huge fan of Bruno, Two Door Cinema Club softens it while maintaining its fun, dance-y energy.

  1. What A Fool Believes – Doobie Brothers / Rubblebucket

Honestly, I still can’t decide whether I like either version of this song, but I know that the cover is a super cool use of electro sounds on a 70s beat, and I think I can get behind that.

  1. Layla – Derek and the Dominos / Eric Clapton

In my opinion, this is the perfect example of a fantastic cover. It takes a fast, aggressive song and turns it into a haunting, yet calm, piece of music. And if you don’t sit through all three and a half minutes of the ending guitar line, you need to reassess your priorities.

  1. Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival / Cat Power

This uses the same cover technique as “Layla;” rephrasing a beat to turn the song into something softer without losing its meaning and emotion. Cat Power’s cover has such a flowing, folksy sound that it transforms the song into something that is peaceful and relaxing to listen to.

6. Sweet Thing – Van Morrison / Hozier

10/10 would recommend either version for your next make out sesh. That’s all I got.

7. Jolene – Dolly Parton / Miley Cyrus

Miley’s cover of Jolene was her peak. She’s gone downhill from there, but this was pretty damn good. It’s the country song for everyone who can’t stand country. It will keep you singing even if you can’t hold the soulful notes. (tomadamswc.com) It’s basically perfect.

8. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon / Miley Cyrus

Ok, you know what, maybe I really do like Miley. Deal with it. Her covers are fantastic and can’t be tamed (forgive me).

9. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke / Vampire Weekend

Not gonna lie I’m embarrassed for myself with this one, but I’m really just trying to dance and ignore the fact that Robin Thicke is an ignorant, misogynistic, rape-y doofus.

Claire Goldberg
is the Voice's former editoral board chair and halftime leisure editor. She "says a lot of funny things," according to Emma Francois.

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