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Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation is right on time for you to ditch that spring fling

When Cyrus released her eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation, it was no surprise that it displayed the star’s many powerful facets as an artist—be it as a popstar, balladeer, or soulful rockstar.

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Miley Cyrus proves she has a voice for rock with viral TikTok covers

Anna and Samantha explore the recent TikTok covers of Miley Cyrus. The success of her covers suggests Miley Cyrus has a voice for rock.

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The Meme Files: “Rise and Shine” by Kylie Jenner

October 10th was a life-changing day because the world received a gift hidden in the video tour of Kylie Jenner’s office. The Youtube upload confirmed basically all of our speculations... Read more

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The Weekly List: We’re THRIVING!

It’s a Friday, 7:37 AM, and you frantically wake up realizing that you turned off your 7 AM alarm in your sleep and that you have about fifteen minutes to... Read more

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The Best Covers of Recent Memory

Hozier – “Say My Name” (Destiny’s Child) I heard this song and immediately ascended into another dimension. Hozier turned a Destiny’s Child bop for the ages into a smooth jazz... Read more


The Meme Files: Miley Cyrus and Absurdist Expression

Welcome to The Meme Files! Halftime staffers will be picking a meme to cover and will go into its background, appeal, and impact. This week I’ll be doing a current... Read more


Critical Voices: Miley Cyrus, Younger Now

The world’s favorite sledgehammer licker, Miley Cyrus, has returned with the release of her latest album, Younger Now. After a few years of reshaping her identity and scarring the world’s... Read more

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The Weekly List: Cover Me

While original songs are wonderful, it is always fascinating to hear another beloved band or artist hone the tunes of earlier legends. Whether they take the song and change the... Read more