Anna Savo-Matthews

is an Assistant Halftime Leisure Editor. She is a junior in the college studying philosophy and is a proud mother of a six-year-old cactus.


Chemi Rosado-Seijo’s Commitment to Community Shines in Comunidades en Movimiento

As a faint short film flickers on the wall across from the exhibit’s entrance, the sound of skateboard wheels on concrete rumbles throughout the room. A jumble of small sculptures... Read more


Tonari Brings Japanese-Style Italian Cuisine to D.C.

Tonari’s ambiance is that of a typical Japanese restaurant. The decor is simple and monochromatic, with large black paneling and glass windows offering only a peek at the inside. The... Read more

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Halftime’s History of the Super Bowl Halftime Show

It’s hard to believe, but the Super Bowl Halftime show has not always featured pop star performers—in fact, this has only been the case since the ’90s. Occasionally, major stars... Read more

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Sufjan Stevens Collaborates with Lowell Brams on New Single “The Unlimited”

Sufjan Stevens released a colorful new single, “The Unlimited” on Feb. 5, continuing his streak of branching into experimental music. Moving away from the stripped back, acoustic style of his... Read more

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Why Isn’t Eminem Interesting Anymore?

On January 17th, Eminem released his 11th studio album, Music to be Murdered By. The album was met with very mixed reviews from critics, who praised Eminem’s technical command, but... Read more


QUIZ: What Georgetown Archetype Are You?

Chances are, we’ve all encountered at least one of the core Georgetown archetypes. Although we all poke fun at them, if you spend enough time on the Hilltop, you’ll find... Read more


Are Record Companies Manipulating Musicians’ Legacies After They’re Gone?

“Well, so tired of being so tired / Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go set it on fire?” Mac Miller sings on “Good News,” the lead single... Read more


Quiz: What Awful Present That I Will Return The Day After Christmas Are You?

If your break was anything like mine, you spent the day after Christmas returning a half a dozen presents from relatives who had absolutely no idea what to get you.... Read more

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Harry Styles Finds Himself In “Adore You” Music Video

Harry Styles refuses to promote his upcoming album like a normal human being would. Rather than run a typical advertising campaign, Styles instead opted to create a fake tourism website... Read more


Best of the Decade: Albums

As the decade comes to a close, Halftime is celebrating by taking a look back at the best that the 2010s had to offer. Below you’ll find some of our... Read more