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The Meme Files: “Rise and Shine” by Kylie Jenner

October 25, 2019

October 10th was a life-changing day because the world received a gift hidden in the video tour of Kylie Jenner’s office. The Youtube upload confirmed basically all of our speculations and previous knowledge about Jenner’s life. In case you weren’t aware: She’s rich, beautiful, and successful. What more do you need to know? 

Turns out, Jenner keeps surprising us. A viewer spotted the miraculous treasure of a specific moment and subsequently posted it on Twitter, where the tweet went viral. “I can’t stop watching this,” the user captioned the excerpt. “I’m dying.” In it, Jenner coos “Rise and Shine” to Stormi in the most fantastically wonky key. In all honesty, it would be more accurate to transcribe it like this: “hahRaiiYze ennd ShhahiYne.” 

It’s hard to tell what exactly makes the clip so great. The more you watch it, the more entertaining it gets. The extra vowels, weird tune, and sheer strangeness of Jenner entering the room to wake an already-up Stormi all contribute toward the perfectly awkward and hilarious instance. Jenner walks in with such confidence to wake up Stormi, but it is so unclear as to why she feels the need to sing to her?? It’s such a weird thing to do!!! She also very consciously decides to do so in front of the cameraman, who was obviously positioned in the room before her, and technically in front of all video viewers ever. She sings, from deep within her being, the most common Mom-like morning greeting to her child, who must be used to this type of weirdness. 

Twitter users instantly flooded the app with fantastic memes and reactions to the original tweet, which now has over 133 thousand likes. Some of the best: comparing Jenner with Sir Isaac Newton, Jenner as an alarm tone, meme format of Mike from Monsters, Inc.,and Jenner’s tune as a remix, among many others. 

What’s better, even other celebrities referenced the meme. In an attention-drawing response, pop star slash real-life vocal angel Ariana Grande imitated Jenner pretty perfectly and captioned her video: “can i sample.” Miley Cyrus re-shared Saint Hoax’s edit of Jenner, who, after singing the phrase on The Voice, receives the coveted four-chair turnaround. Soon after, Cyrus and Cody Simpson, a whirlwind of a couple (a story for another time), posted their own covers and re-enactments, respectively. Lizzo even did a spin on the cover using her trusty flute. 

The best reaction of all, though, came from Jenner herself. Jenner did what the Kardashians do best: She capitalized on the moment. Retweeting and liking memes and videos, Jenner was even able to get a TikTok of “Rise and Shine” to 1 billion views, breaking the previous record. What’s more, she wrote “Rise and Shine” on her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram captions, posted an edit of her as the Teletubbies sun baby, shared a video of Stormi listening to a remix, and sold merchandise that referenced the bit. Every instance of Jenner’s acknowledgment received praise from fans, who also instantaneously purchased her Rise and Shine-related merchandise. Media sources are now reporting that Jenner filed to trademark the phrase, a clear hint that more is coming. 

One must admit that Jenner’s current moment in the spotlight, among many others, just goes to show the power of the Kardashian-Jenners. They always manage to stay relevant, be it through a business venture or romantic troubles. Even if you hate them, you can’t help but laugh at them and their ridiculous antics. In the end, fans and haters alike respond to them. This family knows how to grab the spotlight, even if it means enduring jokes at their expense. The intriguing thing is that they know how to manage and turn anything to their advantage. “Not bad for a girl with no talent,” “Kim, there’s people dying,” “stop taking selfies, Kim! Your sister’s going to jail,” and “you’re doing amazing, sweetie,” are still phrases traded and moments referenced today. Say what you will, but the Kardashians are a force in pop culture. You just can’t stop them from rising…and shining. 

Emma Chuck
Emma is a senior in the College majoring in English.

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