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The Meme Files: “Rise and Shine” by Kylie Jenner

October 10th was a life-changing day because the world received a gift hidden in the video tour of Kylie Jenner’s office. The Youtube upload confirmed basically all of our speculations... Read more

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The Meme Files: “Me Explaining” and Abstract Familiarity

Many of the internet memes of recent memory both gain traction and really take off because they are derived from familiar pop culture visuals.  “Powerful Shaggy” is based upon a... Read more

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Halftime’s Favorite Halftimes: Wild Ones

It is The Georgetown Voice’s 50th anniversary week. To celebrate, the Halftime Leisure team got together to review our favorite Halftime posts. Halftime Leisure covers just about anything, and it... Read more

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The Meme Files: Powerful Shaggy

I like to consider myself pretty well-versed in memes. I keep up with trends, and even if I’m confronted with a meme format I’ve never seen before, I’ve never found... Read more

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The Meme Files: Spongebob Edition

Welcome back to The Meme Files! In this series, Halftime staffers pick memes to cover, exploring their background and appeal. In this edition, we look to honor the incredible legacy... Read more


The Meme Files: Miley Cyrus and Absurdist Expression

Welcome to The Meme Files! Halftime staffers will be picking a meme to cover and will go into its background, appeal, and impact. This week I’ll be doing a current... Read more