Xavier Ruffin


Biting Into Black Theater Ensemble’s “The Hand That Feeds You”

As the old precautionary adage goes: “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” In other words, demonstrate loyalty to those who have sustained and contributed to the attainment of your... Read more

Fashion Issue 2017

The Weekly List: Baring It All

In honor of last week’s fashion issue, we’re stripping things down this time around. Lucky for you (and your roommate) these timeless tunes are equally as enjoyable, whether you’re bundled... Read more


Critical Voices: Miley Cyrus, Younger Now

The world’s favorite sledgehammer licker, Miley Cyrus, has returned with the release of her latest album, Younger Now. After a few years of reshaping her identity and scarring the world’s... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Seventh Season: How It Ended and What’s to Come

Since the finale premiered some time ago, I have had ample time to digest my initial reactions. In the week or so that has passed since the finale’s initial airing,... Read more


CV: Wyclef Jean, J’ouvert

After an almost four year hiatus, Wyclef Jean has returned with the release of his new EP, J’ouvert. The former Fugees frontman demonstrates that despite years of musical absence, he... Read more