The Weekly List: Baring It All

The Weekly List: Baring It All


In honor of last week’s fashion issue, we’re stripping things down this time around. Lucky for you (and your roommate) these timeless tunes are equally as enjoyable, whether you’re bundled up or baring it all.

1) Nelly: “Hot in Here”

A catchy chorus has allowed this throwback to withstand the tests of time. The hip-hop rhythms and danceable beats of “Hot in Here” are still extremely contagious, even 15 years after its debut.

2) The Royal Concept: “Naked & Dumb”

This Swedish pop band delivers a solid performance that anyone can have fun jamming out to. The frequent changes in tempo creates a rollercoaster-like experience that ensure “Naked & Dumb” will excite listeners from start to finish.  

3) Kesha: “Take It Off”

2010 was quite honestly the year of Kesha. Her debut album Animal (2010) must have been the perfect soundtrack for getting sleazy in the club back then. Grunge Kesha was the best Kesha, and “Take It Off” is some of the finest work of her heyday.

4) Bruno Mars: “Versace on the Floor”

Here, Bruno abandons his typical upbeat and funky sound for a more mellowed and sensual one. It must be nice for Bruno’s lover to live in a mythical world where clothes discarded on the floor don’t end up wrinkled the next day.

5) Miley Cyrus: “Wrecking Ball”

Has anyone successfully erased this music video from their memory? Despite Miley’s distracting nudity and wrecking-ball-riding, she still manages to deliver a very raw and emotionally cathartic performance. The lyrics pack a ton of emotional vulnerability that may elicit a teardrop or two.

6) Liam Payne (feat. Quavo): “Strip that Down”

This song from the former member of One Direction is perfect for the impromptu dance party. Even the most passionate anti-Directioners will likely feel compelled to move their bodies to this bouncy banger.

7) The Naked Brothers Band: “I Don’t Want To Go to School”

Unfortunately for many, this song has become painfully relatable since the start of midterm season. Who knew a garage band of children could be so conscious of the university “struggle?” These rock stars were ahead of their time, indeed.

8) Tom Misch (feat. Loyle Carner): “Nightgowns”

This one might be a stretch, but nightgowns aren’t technically clothes, right? Either way, this soothing rap performance proves once and for all that everything sounds slightly more awesome with a British accent.

Image Credits: Photo: Daniel Varghese

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