Chris Almeida

Chris Almeida was an editor for The Georgetown Voice and graduated in 2016.

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The 250: The Shining

Welcome to the 250! The 250 is weekly podcast where Halftime staffers watch a movie on IMDb’s Top 250 list and discuss their thoughts on the work. This week Halftime Leisure... Read more


Disengaged District: A History of D.C. Sports

Ed Cole remembers January 30, 1983. He remembers grocery stores in his suburb closing early. He remembers sitting with his in-laws around a television. He remembers excitedly thrusting his fist... Read more


Hunches and Hopes: Voice predicts the Oscars

Best Picture Who Will Win: The Big Short Who Should Win: Mad Max: Fury Road The Oscar race this year has been all over the place, and for the first... Read more

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Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and the Album of the Year

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift’s 1989 won the Grammy for Album of the Year over Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. In her acceptance speech, Swift said the following: “As... Read more

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The Weekly List: You Have Distracted From My Creative Process

Something happened on Twitter last week, but we’re not going to bother with that here. Kanye West recently announced that his seventh album, entitled Waves (formerly So Help Me God... Read more


The Real Deal: 1-3 Hoyas poised for big things despite only one win

This is the best 1-3 team I’ve ever seen. Last week, the Hoyas lost to Radford, a team that has never made an NCAA Tournament appearance, at home. It was... Read more

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Aziz Ansari: Master of None

Aziz Ansari doesn’t look like a star. Like me, he’s a short, brown man. But, that’s part of what makes his new Netflix series, Master of None, so pointed. MON... Read more


Hold the Panic Button: Hoyas’ loss not as bad you think

Georgetown’s loss to Radford was bad, but not as bad as it may have seemed. Hold on. I’m not as crazy as you might think. The Hoyas have a history... Read more


Running the Gauntlet: This year’s Hoyas seek to prove they can compete with national powerhouses

John Thompson III looks tired. He could be tired because he is the head coach of a program which could face three ranked teams in the first ten days of... Read more

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Voice at Landmark: Wale

“Can I take you to the go-go?,” Wale asked the crowd. It’s common for Kendrick Lamar to reference Compton, his hometown, or for Kanye West to give a shout out... Read more