Chris Almeida

Chris Almeida was an editor for The Georgetown Voice and graduated in 2016.

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Christian McBride Trio captivates at Bohemian Caverns

Christian McBride is imposing in every sense of the word. Standing almost as tall as his instrument, the bass player, planted in the center of U Street’s Bohemian Caverns in... Read more


Hoya boxers beef up for showcase

It is a common sight to see the club soccer or frisbee teams practicing on Harbin Field, or to see club basketball on the courts in Yates, but the equally... Read more

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Gotham Presents a Fresh Origin Story

Over the last decade, comic book heroes have found their home on the silver screen. While Marvel has created an empire in movie theaters, DC Comics has carved out a... Read more


Poultry fueling Nats to postseason

If Washington, D.C. is a sports town on the turnaround, the Washington Nationals deserve much of the credit for the change in fortune. Though the Nationals’ 2013 campaign proved disappointing,... Read more

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Friendly Fire: A Wizards Championship Push

For a while there, it looked like the Washington Wizards may have had a shot at making the Eastern Conference Finals. But, it was not to be. This season, for... Read more

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Double DeSean: Philly’s Loss, D.C.’s Gain

Since the beginning of the Robert Griffin III era, I’d contended that a big time receiver would make the difference between the Redskins being a good team and a great... Read more


The Sports Sermon: Nationals bring hope to Washington

The Washington Nationals are different from all of the other professional sports franchises that call D.C. home. No, they haven’t won a title, but the simple fact that it seems... Read more


Men’s basketball’s mercurial season ends against FSU

It seems fitting that the Georgetown men’s basketball team’s season came to a close with little fanfare. On Monday night, he Hoyas fell with a 101-90 loss against the first-seeded... Read more

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Welcome to Halftime

From left to right, Daniel Varghese (Senior Leisure Editor), Chris Castano (Senior Sports Editor), Chris Almeida (Editor-in-Chief) Hey there, thanks for visiting. This wonderful section of the internet is Halftime,... Read more


Hoyas play at McDonough for first time since 2009

The Georgetown men’s basketball team played at McDonough Gymnasium Tuesday because of a scheduling conflict with the Verizon Center. The basketball game was the first at McDonough since December 2009.... Read more