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Melissa McCarthy Deserves Better than <i>The Boss</i>

Melissa McCarthy Deserves Better than The Boss


Melissa McCarthy is funny—this may as well be taken as fact. She made everyone fall in love with her on Gilmore Girls and surprised everyone when she scored an unexpected but fully deserved Oscar nomination for her role in Bridesmaids back in 2012. By that point, her particular brand of bawdy, brash humor had already…

<i>Midnight Special</i> Presents a New Kind of Superhero

Midnight Special Presents a New Kind of Superhero


Midnight Special is, in a sense, a superhero movie, but it’s also perhaps the best antidote for the looming superhero overload in the film industry. It shares much of the same spirit of superhero films — fantastic powers, struggles with the reality of said powers, suspenseful chase scenes, and the like — but it also…

Fractured Beauty Found in Malick’s <i>Knight of Cups</i>

Fractured Beauty Found in Malick’s Knight of Cups


Knight of Cups is a fairly difficult movie to pin down. It’s a film that plays out as if in memory, a collection of disjointed, stream-of-consciousness images coupled with vague, whispered voiceovers that don’t seem to quite match what’s on screen, at least until they do. Nominally, it’s a chronicle of the various relationships —…

Dull Bits Cut Out: Oscar Thoughts

Dull Bits Cut Out: Oscar Thoughts


For the 88th year in a row, the Oscars have come and gone. There’s already been plenty of digital ink spilled on the topic, of course – from the #OscarsSoWhite drama since the nominees were announced to Chris Rock’s sprawling, biting opening monologue and some noise over Alejandro González Iñárritu’s speech about overcoming prejudice getting…

<i>Dull Bits Cut Out</i>: The Best of the Coen Brothers

Dull Bits Cut Out: The Best of the Coen Brothers


With the release of Hail, Caesar! last weekend, Joel and Ethan Coen have put out their seventeenth feature film, more than 30 years on from thei r 1984 debut Blood Simple. As a new Coen release is always an occasion worth celebrating, I think it’s appropriate to engage in that age-old critical tradition of list-making….

<i>Dull Bits Cut Out</i>: The Rising Star of Oscar Isaac

Dull Bits Cut Out: The Rising Star of Oscar Isaac


Statistically speaking, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens at least once, maybe even two or three or seven times. While watching the film, you certainly noticed Poe Dameron, the film’s suave fighter pilot played by freshly-minted superstar Oscar Isaac.  You are probably now deeply in love with Isaac, whose…

No More Burgers: A Five Guys Obituary

No More Burgers: A Five Guys Obituary


Did you hear the Five Guys on Wisconsin is closing? The news hit me like a bolt from the blue. There I was, sitting in Leavey Center, thinking of something to write about – anything, I would have prayed, but not this. I asked how long I had to make my last visit. “Until Sunday…

Jennifer Lawrence Shines in Dull <i>Joy</i>

Jennifer Lawrence Shines in Dull Joy


David O. Russell has been enjoying something of a boom period as of late. His last three films—The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle—have all enjoyed considerable commercial and critical success. The trifecta has grossed more than $600 million altogether and has earned a running total of 25 Academy Award nominations, including nods in…

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