Emily Jaster

Time To Let Go: A Panic! Retrospective

Time To Let Go: A Panic! Retrospective


On a humid June night, my friends and I danced on the discount-ticket lawn to Panic! At The Disco’s throbbing melodies and Brendon Urie’s sonorous voice. Our long shadows stretched up the indigo hillside, our sweaty bodies bleached in the stadium lighting. Before us, the stage glimmered like a Las Vegas dancefloor; Urie’s thin frame…

<i>Kleptocracy</i> Engages the Unknown

Kleptocracy Engages the Unknown


The District is about to devour Kleptocracy. Arena Stage’s latest production, which runs through Feb. 24, is the world premiere of a play set in 1990s Russia that depicts the rise of Vladimir Putin (Christopher Geary) and his struggle for power against crude oil oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Max Woertendyke). Kleptocracy feeds the Trump-age hunger for…

The Weekly List: Jazzing It Up!

The Weekly List: Jazzing It Up!


Jazz is genius. I’m currently reading a 254 page book called The Jazz of Physics (by Stephon Alexander), and the only reason I can begin to understand the complexities of John Coltrane’s improvisation is because of its comparison to quantum physics (which probably tells you a lot about me). Nerdiness aside, the one thing almost…

She Runs the World: Marcia Chatelain and Katherine Benton-Cohen on Academia

She Runs the World: Marcia Chatelain and Katherine Benton-Cohen on Academia

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Welcome to the second season of She Runs The World! On this episode, Georgetown professors Marcia Chatelain and Katherine Benton-Cohen talk about their experiences in academia, current events in the context of teaching, and more. This season’s co-hosts are Emily Jaster (COL ’20),  the Voice’s features editor, and Claire Goldberg (COL ’19), the Voice’s content…

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