Emily Jaster

Emily Jaster is the former features editor and former Halftime Leisure editor for The Georgetown Voice. When she's not writing for the Voice, you can usually find her writing poetry or wandering around art galleries and concert halls.


The Reel Pulpit: It

Welcome to the Reel Pulpit, the Voice‘s brand-new podcast within the Untitled Leisure Project focusing on timely movie reviews. In this episode, host Graham Piro discusses the movie It with Emily... Read more


She Runs the World: Laura Cutway on Campus Rape Culture

Welcome to She Runs the World, the Voice‘s podcast on women’s issues in various professional fields. In this episode, hosts Kaei Li and Emily Jaster talk with Laura Cutway, Georgetown’s Title... Read more


Georgetown’s Journey Toward Diversity in STEM

Georgetown alumna Vera Rubin never received a Nobel Prize for her groundbreaking evidence of dark matter, much to the shock of the science world. Rubin, who passed away last year,... Read more


Concert Preview: Young the Giant, September 16, Merriweather Post Pavilion

Young the Giant has long graced the alternative world with their soft and positive energy, but they recently have taken a social stance by commenting directly on the disparity between... Read more


REVIVAL: A Spectacle of the Unsettling

What does it mean to bring to life the suppressed truths of human nature and force them to the forefront of perception? The effect is unsettling, inspiring. The 16 female... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Wizarding World’s “Diagon Alley” Misses the Standard of Original “Hogsmeade”

J.K. Rowling has gifted the world with an astoundingly magical universe ‒ not “magical” just for the wizardry, but for the exceptional network of stories housed within the pages of... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Weekly List: Rainy Day

Amid all the heat, sunshine, and adventure of summer, a rainy day can be the perfect time for much-needed rest and relaxation. Next time the clouds come to douse your... Read more

She Runs the World

She Runs the World: Graduate School and Intersectionality

Welcome to She Runs the World, the Voice‘s podcast on women’s issues in various careers and disciplines. In the inaugural episode, Kaei Li and Emily Jaster talk with Cassie Herbert about her experience... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Weekly List: Summer Survival Guide

You’ve made it. Somehow, you survived the entirety of the spring semester and you’ve finally reached that coveted, barren expanse of time with supposedly fewer obligations. But beware: the upcoming... Read more


Norman Redefines Stereotypes, Asks Audiences to Look Deeper

Norman Oppenheimer (Richard Gere) is a curious, awkward, and struggling New York fixer, someone who incessantly hatches illicit deals and schemes. The entire world of Norman: The Moderate Rise and... Read more