Emily Jaster

Emily Jaster is the former features editor and former Halftime Leisure editor for The Georgetown Voice. When she's not writing for the Voice, you can usually find her writing poetry or wandering around art galleries and concert halls.


Concert Review: Coast Modern, March 19, 9:30 Club

“We’re gonna get weird tonight!” Singer Coleman Trapp of Coast Modern proclaimed such after performing the first track of the band’s 9:30 Club setlist: “Tiny Umbrella,” a beachy tongue-in-cheek tune... Read more


Concert Preview: Coast Modern, March 19, 9:30 Club

Electro-duo Coast Modern has a style that matches their name: a beachy take on the modern hip-hop genre, a smooth and synthesized evolution of surf-rock. Their sound is uncompromisingly strange,... Read more


She Runs the World: A Conversation with Dorothy McAuliffe, Former First Lady of Virginia

In this episode of She Runs the World, Kaei Li and Emily Jaster are joined by News Editor Margaret Gach in a discussion with Dorothy McAuliffe, the former First Lady... Read more


She Runs the World: Kathy Powers on Political Science and Academia

In the fifth episode of She Runs the World, Kaei Li and Emily Jaster talk with Dr. Kathy Powers about being in Political Science and International Relations academia as a woman... Read more


How I Got Over: A Journey from the Depths of Trauma

Trauma cuts through lives, tearing them apart and leaving individuals struggling to put the pieces back together. For Washington-based artist Adrienne Gaither, recovery from trauma is like art: both are... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Keep Dreaming

I’ve developed a set of strategies so that staying awake is no longer just a matter of endurance. Rationing caffeine intake is an artform. Personally, I tend to start with... Read more

Fashion Issue 2017

She Runs the World: Deb Sivigny on Fashion

In this Fashion Week episode of She Runs the World, Resident Faculty Artist Deb Sivigny joins Kaei Li and Emily Jaster to discuss costume design on campus and fashion around the... Read more

The Reel Pulpit

Reel Pulpit Episode 2: Seeing Spies

On the second episode of Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro discusses spy movies with Emily Jaster and Gustav Honl-Stuenkel. They make sure to devote a good amount of time to the James... Read more


She Runs the World: Kate McNamara on International Politics

In this episode of She Runs the World, Professor Kate McNamara joins Kaei Li and Emily Jaster to discuss recent developments in domestic and international politics. Dr. McNamara served as... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Brand New Leo’s, Same Old Mistakes

Last year, we hated Leo’s in a semi-endearing way. Then Georgetown told us they were making it better. Instead, Leo’s has found new and improved ways to fail at dining.... Read more