Gustav Honl-Stuenkel

College class of 2020. Culture and music writer and peanut M&M fiend. Minneapolis native.


Concert Preview: Daughters, Feb. 17, Black Cat

Since punk rock’s inception, musicians, critics, and popular culture writ large have been quick to declare the genre dead. They eagerly proclaim that nobody knows how to truly “rock” anymore,... Read more


Best of 2018: Underrated

2018 delivered many great albums and movies. To end the year, we’re celebrating some of our favorites that you may not have heard of before. All stories deserve a chance,... Read more


Three Months of Feeling One Step Behind

When I was 18, I started learning French. Three years and many French exams, essays, and presentations later, I packed up my bags to move to Lyon for the semester.... Read more


Concert Preview: Fleet Foxes, May 18, The Anthem

After a six-year hiatus, Fleet Foxes erupted back into the limelight in the summer of 2017 with their third full-length album, Crack-Up. The band built excitement in the mid aughts... Read more


Concert Review: Cigarettes After Sex Knows Its Niche, But Fails to Impress at the 9:30 Club

Everything about Cigarettes After Sex is on brand: their album artwork, their stage lighting, their outfits, and even their salt-and-pepper hair reflect their subdued, grayscale aesthetic. At their show on... Read more


Concert Preview: Cigarettes After Sex, April 2, 9:30 Club

Through the clamor of the news, our work, and other demands of college, one finds it increasingly easy to get distracted, forgetting to take the time to slow down and... Read more


University officials express continued support for DACA and undocumented students during info session

University officials addressed Georgetown’s continued commitment to and support for undocumented students and their families on March 13. The information session, “DACA: Current State of Play and How Georgetown Community... Read more


Concert Preview: MGMT, March 15, The Anthem

Off the heels of their latest album, Little Dark Age, psychedelic electro-pop outfit MGMT are riding critical acclaim and renewed fan enthusiasm through a North American and European tour circuit.... Read more


COIN has Spark, But Misses Brilliance at the 9:30 Club

Modern indie rock has graced American airwaves for years and taken a distinct sound since the proliferation of groups like the Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, and Imagine Dragons. In many ways,... Read more


Concert Preview: COIN, Feb. 10, 9:30 Club

Following the release of their sophomore album How Will You Know If You Never Try (2017), COIN has built a reputation as an energetic and memorable live act, and taken... Read more