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With A Duo of Superb Performances, <i>Green Book</i> Warms Your Heart

With A Duo of Superb Performances, Green Book Warms Your Heart


Today’s films are often judged by how nuanced they are at presenting their central themes. They must be direct, but not overtly obvious; thought provoking, but not contradictory; open to interpretation, but not frustratingly vague. However, Green Book, a 2018 dramedy set in the early sixties chronicling the relationship between African-American pianist Dr. Don Shirley…

<i>The Nun</i> Probably Should Have Stayed in the Convent

The Nun Probably Should Have Stayed in the Convent


The Conjuring universe is an anomaly when it comes to modern horror movie franchises. While horror movies usually go downhill from the second installment on, The Conjuring franchise has not only found great commercial success with all of its entries, but most of them have also been critically well-received, with the exceptions of the first…

<i>Mission: Impossible – Fallout</i> Is Here To Steal The Summer Movie Season

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is Here To Steal The Summer Movie Season


Mission: Impossible – Fallout is everything audiences have come to expect from this iconic action film franchise and then some. With impressively choreographed stunts, thrilling action sequences, ever-rising stakes, a likable cast and, surprisingly, a heart, the movie transcends the stereotype of a summer blockbuster, becoming perhaps the best Mission: Impossible installment to date and…

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