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The Nun Probably Should Have Stayed in the Convent

The Conjuring universe is an anomaly when it comes to modern horror movie franchises. While horror movies usually go downhill from the second installment on, The Conjuring franchise has not... Read more


Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is Here To Steal The Summer Movie Season

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is everything audiences have come to expect from this iconic action film franchise and then some. With impressively choreographed stunts, thrilling action sequences, ever-rising stakes, a... Read more

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In a Perfectly Crafted, Emotionally Resonant Finale, The Americans Says Goodbye

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The Washington Summit on nuclear arms reduction took place in December 1987. While this last event aptly set... Read more


Charismatic Performances from a Talented Cast Elevate The Winter’s Tale Into a Memorable Experience

Plays are a fascinating medium through which to tell a story. Not only does the audience see the action unfold in front of them as it happens but, depending on... Read more


Gary Oldman’s Churchill is a Towering Figure in Darkest Hour

Many will want to refer to Darkest Hour, Joe Wright’s latest directorial effort, as a history lesson. The film traces Winston Churchill’s first month in office, providing a detailed look... Read more


Emma Stone Shines in Unfocused but Entertaining Biopic Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes employs a largely impractical structure to tell the story of how two tennis giants of opposite sexes went head-to-head in a legendary match in 1973. Starring... Read more


Emmys 2017 Predictions

The Emmys are upon us, and with Game of Thrones ineligible this year, we are in for a wild ride that is sure to bring some welcomed surprises. This year... Read more


Alien: Covenant: A Welcome Comeback of the Xenomorph

In the age of prequels and sequels, it is hard to find quality films that can be part of a whole while also working well as standalone products. Alien: Covenant,... Read more

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Bates Motel’s Tragic Final Hour is One for the Ages

“This is how it ends, isn’t it?” The phrase resonates throughout the final hour of Bates Motel, a series that, unlike many others, became better as the years went by.... Read more


The Zookeeper’s Wife proves Engaging despite Lack of Depth

Holocaust movies are often tough to watch, be it for the imminent death scenes lurking around the corner or the constant violent, even exploitative, displays of injustice, torture, and overall... Read more