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<em>Bridge of Spies</em> Finds Extra in the Ordinary

Bridge of Spies Finds Extra in the Ordinary


Although Bridge of Spies is set during the Cold War, it is a surprisingly timely film. Director Steven Spielberg’s new release repeatedly challenges the legal representation of enemy combatants, a question that America’s justice system has struggled with throughout its history—from John Adams representing the British soldiers responsible for the Boston Massacre to the rights…

Happy Back to The Future Day, McFly

Happy Back to The Future Day, McFly


Today, October 21st, 2015, is one of the most anticipated in film-geek history. It’s the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in the classic Robert Zemeckis film, Back to the Future. That’s right, somewhere in Hill Valley, California, there’s a DeLorean about to hit 88 miles an hour and travel to a…

<em>The Martian</em> Stands Alone

The Martian Stands Alone


Ridley Scott’s relationship with the science-fiction genre has been inconsistent, to say the least. Alien and Blade Runner are two bona-fide classics, but the much more recent Prometheus was poorly received. Now, Scott returns to the genre with The Martian, a film based on Andy Weir’s best-selling novel. Fortunately, the film’s A-list cast and crew…

Critical Voices: <em>Paper Gods</em>

Critical Voices: Paper Gods


Duran Duran took off in the 1980s thanks to catchy hits and risqué music videos. With upbeat tempos and memorable lyrics, the group was able to remain a part of the musical world for decades, despite touring less over time. The band’s latest offering, the star-studded Paper Gods, is an excellent return to form after…

Halftime Brunch Bracket: <i>Castano’s Backyard</i>

Halftime Brunch Bracket: Castano’s Backyard

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For those of you who have been following Halftime’s Brunch Bracket, you’ve probably been wondering, what is Castano’s Backyard?   Well, so were we. We had to go. It was an ordinary Sunday at Georgetown. After a night of merriment, I (Graham) rose early, and received a text from Kenneth, querying “Are we still on?” and…

NBC’s <i>Hannibal  </i>Will Be Missed

NBC’s Hannibal  Will Be Missed


The idea of the show that is cancelled far too soon is not a new one. Television aficionados will point to shows such as Firefly, Twin Peaks, and Freaks and Geeks as prime examples of series that were terminated by studios before they were able to truly flourish. The latest show to suffer this treatment,…

Getting drunk at Georgetown

Getting drunk at Georgetown

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Editor’s note: This post is intended to provide a realistic and helpful picture of the undergraduate drinking culture at Georgetown. The information in this post is generally common knowledge and does not come from The Voice’s personal experience. The Voice does not endorse breaking any laws. As bars continue to close across Georgetown, and local police continue…

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