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Saxa Politica: GU history is far from a fairytale

Once upon a time, Georgetown became the first Catholic university in America to have an LGBTQ center, with not one, but two full-time staffers—an anomaly at the time. Today, the Georgetown LGBTQ Center and student group GUPride serve as pillars of support for LGBTQ students, with regular meetings and programming.  This fairytale is the one…

A penetrating look at V-day: Maybe you’re not so special after all

A penetrating look at V-day: Maybe you’re not so special after all

It’s pretty trendy to hate Valentine’s Day. We’ve all heard the reasons: “It’s a capitalist scam invented by greeting card companies!” and so on. Which is all well and good—trust me, I hate Valentine’s Day too. But I’m going to venture and say that my hatred for Valentine’s Day is different. Don’t get me wrong,…

Laying the foundations: The story of Georgetown’s architecture

Laying the foundations: The story of Georgetown’s architecture

In 1894, Rev. J. Harvey Richards sat at his desk and took pen to paper. He was editing a fundraising speech he was set to give to a group of Georgetown alumni. “Professors from other institutions, seeing our immense buildings and grounds, our numerous”—here he scratched out “professors” and put “instructors” above it in spidery handwriting—“and students, do enquire, ‘What is your endowment? It must be very great!

News Hit: GU tables satellite dorm option

The University has officially taken the satellite dorm off the table in favor of Ryan and Mulledy halls as student housing options, administrators confirmed Monday. This decision comes on the heels of a student referendum that rejected the satellite dorm option. GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Vice President Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14) told…

GOP hypocrisy: Not all security issues are created equal

GOP hypocrisy: Not all security issues are created equal

I pulled into the parking lot at work—a little late, NPR humming on the radio. Stepping out of the car, I picked up a bag of clipboards out of the trunk. There were rolls of stickers, pens without caps, and posters crammed haphazardly into every corner of my car, but cleaning it out was last…

Beauty shouldn’t be standardized at expense of identity

Last month, talk show host Julie Chen revealed on The Talk that she had undergone plastic surgery on her eyes after being told by both her boss and an agent, on separate occasions, that the shape of her Asian eyes were going to hinder her career. “Let’s face it, Julie, … How relatable are you…

The Fashion Issue: Fall 2013

The Fashion Issue: Fall 2013

This season is a melding of hard and soft, meeting at a blurred edge. Pastel colors come together with leather panels, studded sweaters meet tartan skirts. Men’s prints meet womenswear in a houndstooth dress—the bold pattern is almost a neutral. Mixed-media coats paired with delicate, single-soled heels. Mild decadence is in the details, with rich textiles and prints coming together in moody hues. Welcome to fall.

In the Red: The burden of student debt at Georgetown

Leah Brown (COL ‘16) wakes up at 9:30 a.m., finally giving in to her alarm after hitting snooze a couple times. She rolls out of bed and pads into the hallway, slipping into the empty bathroom. After getting ready and dressed, she breakfasts on a piece of fruit she swiped from Leo’s the night before. She has to choose her Leo’s meals carefully and stretch out her 10 meals so they last the week.

Justices ignore historical context in aff. action cases

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear Schuette v. Michigan Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, after hearing Fisher v. University of Texas earlier this term. “Another affirmative action case?” you might ask. While prima facie it may seem necessary to take up two cases on the same issue, both of these cases cannot be…

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