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March 22, 2001

There are a number of mistruths and misrepresentations in the editorial concerning the Senior Class Gift (“Don’t Leave School Without It?” March 15, 2001).

First, the money raised for the Class of 2000 Senior Class Gift was not solely allocated to the statue of Georgetown’s Mascot, Jack the Bulldog. In fact, half of the money raised was given to a scholarship fund. Additionally, while you are correct to say that one-third of the class voted for the choice of the gift, the manner in which you say it, “dissuaded two-thirds”of the class from voting, is also misleading. What you neglect to point out is there were a record number of votes cast this year.

Second, and more important, the editorial misrepresents the motives of the Senior Class Gift. It is not about “cold hard cash,”or “trees and shrubs.” Rather, it is about uniting the graduating class of Georgetown around a common goal and bringing them together at the end of the year. The Senior Class Gift Committee does not measure success in dollar amounts, but in the number of students who participate. In the end, it is not truly important exactly how the gift is manifested. Instead, it is the fact that a significant percentage of the class shared in showing their gratitude to Georgetown.

Your interpretation of the fact that you can charge your donation as “one of the principal reasons to contribute” is a stretch, at best. It is unfortunate that the editorial board is unable to realize the true spirit and importance of the gift. The Georgetown experience continues long after you receive your diploma. Contributing to the Senior Class Gift is the first step in becoming an alumnus who realizes the importance of your time at the University.

We will also note that the editorial board of The Voice has a unique position to be proactive in formulating campus opinion. If the board had such strong feelings about the gift choices, it had full discretion to pen a piece months ago offering suggestions or promoting greater student input. Better yet, the senior members of the board could have joined the committee themselves.

Jamal Epps (COL ‘01), Class of 2001 Senior Class Gift Committee Chair

Matt Reilein (SFS ‘00), Class of 2000 Senior Class Gift Committee

Fuad Rana (SFS ‘99), Class of 1999 Senior Class Gift Committee Co-Chair

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