Reforms come to Leavey

October 5, 2006

A whirlwind of reforms are set to stir up the Student Association when students vote next Thursday on a proposed amendment to the organization’s constitution.

The amendment contains changes addressing representation, student activities fee distribution and elections.

“It’s a common sense measure,” Student Association President Twister Murchison (COL ‘08) said.

The amendment affects representation most, Association deputy chief-of-staff Matt Stoller (COL ‘08) said.

While in the past four assembly members represented each class, the amendment institutes a system of geographical representation that focuses on residence halls and apartments, according to Stoller.

This would increase the number of assembly members, now called “senators,” from 16 to 35.

The amendment also affects distribution of the $50 student activities fee, giving the Association final say over which organizations receive funds while retaining the earlier funding committee, a committee that had become “dysfunctional due to a lack of accountability and a lack of expertise,” according to Association chief-of-staff Eden Schiffman (COL ‘08).

Finally, the amendment hopes to improve the often problematic Association election process.

“It moves the by-laws from 18 pages to 1 page,” Murchison said.

With the support of the administration and the affected funding organizations, the Association now needs a majority of votes and 25 percent participation by the student body.

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