Letters to the Editor

Georgetown more diverse than Howard

April 19, 2007

Dear Editors,

The implication in the April 12 editorial (“Get off at the last stop: Howard”) that Howard University is a much more diverse campus than Georgetown is unfortunately not based in reality. According to the US News and World Report diversity rankings, Howard University’s diversity is the lowest in the nation, with a student body that is 98 percent homogenous. Conversely, Georgetown University is a truly diverse campus. According to the Office of Communication website, Georgetown is 7.2 percent African American, 8.4 percent Asian American and 6.4 percent Hispanic. Another 6.8 percent of our student body are citizens of coutries other than the United States, and over 30 percent have lived abroad prior to enrolling here. All 50 states are represented and there are sizeable and active Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Jewish student groups on campus. So before you write off Georgetown and look for diversity elsewhere, open your eyes and ears on the Hilltop, and experience what it has to offer.

Robert Rose

SFS ‘07

Editor’s Note: According to Howard University, 85 percent of its students identify themselves as black, and 15 percent decline to identify their ethnicity.

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