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Thanks Tony: Imus should go

April 19, 2007

Dear Editors,

Thank you to Anthony Francavilla for his timely piece on Don Imus’ recent blunder. (“The Sports Sermon,” Sports, April 12, 2007)

While my husband is a big fan of Imus and feels that Imus’ good deeds (charities, political support, etc.) should remedy any fallout from Imus’ bad mouth, I have always felt that Imus’ validity springs from those around him (charities, politicians, authors, etc.) and not from his own behavior. He is truly a cranky old man who has forgotten that civility is the norm in life – not rancor.

The use of the word “ho” and other hip-hop cultural idioms may be part of the vernacular of some groups. It is not mainstream because the majority of people sees these terms as demeaning and vulgar. If Imus wants to use these terms, he cannot expect to be part of the mainstream. That is why he may lose his job: he is demeaning and vulgar.

Also, thanks for the piece on the G2 bus and Georgetown/Howard University relations. It is so good to see the Voice move away from the advocacy of keg parties to more substantive issues.

Mary E. McNamara


Milton, Mass.

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