Letters to the Editor

How Hoyas can change the party policy

September 20, 2007

To the Editor:

By this point, every Georgetown student could probably extemporize a five to ten minute speech elaborating the new alcohol policies that have been put in place, and provide a detailed, well-reasoned argument as to why each of them sucks magnificently. What is not clear, however, is how the student body can engender any sort of change. While the ‘GU Students for Stopping the Madness’ Facebook group has some worthwhile events planned, I believe that the most assured way of getting the administration to change these policies is to hit them where it hurts the most … the wallet.

The primary sources of income for Georgetown University are alumni donations and student tuition. Though it would be epic and quite effective for all of our Student Ambassadors (Georgetown students who interview alumni one-on-one and solicit donations) and phone solicitors to resign in passionate protest, I doubt that the students who hold such jobs would be interested in sacrificing their source of income in return for looser party restrictions.

The best way to affect applications to Georgetown is to simply spread the truth. Tell friends, parents of friends, and high schoolers from your hometown about the changes Georgetown has made. Let them know that the college guide books which rate night life and student happiness are now inaccurate. Better yet, write to the guide books yourself. College Prowler, a popular book that rates universities on varying categories, currently has Georgetown ranked as a ‘B’ for campus strictness, a category which is described as “A high Campus Strictness grade implies an overall lenient atmosphere; police and RAs are fairly tolerant, and the administration’s rules are flexible.” College Prowler gives an A+ to Georgetown for ‘Local Atmosphere’. Clearly, both of these grades need to be updated. Let College Prowler and other similar guidebooks know about the changes that have been made. Tell those you know in high school (especially those who won’t be applying for financial aid) to think twice before choosing Georgetown. It’s perfect timing to affect the 2012 Freshman class. Bitter? Yes. Vindictive? Undoubtedly. Effective? Let’s hope so.

Will Wray (SFS ’10)

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