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Violence is never sexy

October 11, 2007

Violence is never sexy.
Missiles fire erotically erect
through tight canals
leaving shards of shrapnel.

Missiles fire erotically erect
wrecking flesh and blood
leaving shards of shrapnel
scattered far from the silo.

Wrecking flesh and blood
our trigger-happy husbands
scattered far from the silo
birth impotent warriors.

Our trigger-happy husbands
spew radioactive ejaculate to
birth impotent warriors –
failure to launch.

Spew radioactive ejaculate to
carpet bomb the enemy;
failure to launch:
swift blow to ones virility.

Carpet bomb the enemy,
and we won’t move our hips.
Swift blow to ones virility
when we block the target.

And we won’t move our hips
simulating play with thunder rods;
when we block the target
our husbands will writhe.

Simulating play with thunder rods
they’ll masturbate for peace
when we block the target
our husbands will see.

They’ll masturbate for peace
until the weapons are gone, then
our husbands will see
violence is never sexy.

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