Julia Lovett


Witness at the Kennedy Center: Georgetown student theater on display

Miranda Rose Hall (COL ’11) identifies herself as an indulgent writer—the kind who wears socks and drinks tea while she works. Those details are telling: her work is as comforting... Read more


Artistic Egg-cellence

Photographer William Eggleston captures typical Southern scenes in landscapes and social snapshots, but unexpectedly introduces an intimacy with the American South. Eggleston escapes a replication of the standard iconic imagery... Read more


Semiconductor: wild!

The Hirshhorn’s new installation in its Blackbox exhibition space, “Semiconductor,” will simultaneously engage the left and right sides of your brain. Two English artists, Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, comprise the artistic duo dubbed Semiconductor, which ignites artistic expression through self-described “digital noise and computer anarchy.”

Page 13 Cartoons

Violence is never sexy

Violence is never sexy. Missiles fire erotically erect through tight canals leaving shards of shrapnel.